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Metal Temple

Review of our last Album Roads of Thunder from Metal Temple, one of most important webzine.

On their “about” info and bio on their Facebook page describes THUNDER AXE as a “Historic Italian Heavy Metal Band”.  I’m not too sure what the “Historic” part refers to, if it is their own history that goes back to 2000, the band changing their name to THUNDER AXE a year later, and they do have a bit of a tumultuous past, with various lineup changes, a demo and a previous long player under their belts, and even an unexpected death of singer Massimo (Max) Cantù in 2009, or is it their image? The cover definitely conjures up both old school metal and historical images with its blood-stained axe and shield atop a pile of skulls/skeletons adjacent to an ancient road running through the landscape, whilst under a pendulous sky, rent asunder with lightning. A little heavy on the symbolism? Perhaps, but it’s a cool image none the less, or is it the old-school Heavy Metal of their music, which definitely has its roots in the past.  Their sound is pure NWOBHM, and the obvious bands such as IRON MAIDEN, SAXON, ANGEL WITCH et al spring to mind, and THUNDER AXE do it well, which is a very good thing.  Oh, and they are definitely Italian, from Bergamo, Lombardi to be precise, which the writer will not hold against them, as our English Lions are just about to take on Italy in the Euro2020 final (and win one hopes, sorry THUNDER AXE). But this isn’t about Football it is all about the Metal!…….continue on: