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Thunder Axe

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Thunder Axe were born by the will of Massimo Cantù (vocals), who in 2000 enlists his colleague and friend Ivo Sangalli (drums) and guitarist Steve Zambelli.
The family grew in 2001 with bassist Stefano Marelli, ending in 2004 with the arrival of guitarist Dario Pasinetti.
The band is highly motivated and prolific, so they compose a large amount of songs in a short time.
The “Thunders” begin a long experience of concerts in the province (Keller, The Sphinx, Dundee Pub, Rock House Caffè, Incubo, etc.) and more.

Max... Wild Metal

In 2005 they enter the recording studio for the debut demo. “Wild Metal” contains 5 of the first songs written and despite a very low budget, has been positively reviewed by the critics of the sector. The band gets great satisfaction and a further boost. The “Thunder Axe” refine an incisive and sanguine writing, which they offer with performances that are always energetic and engaging.

Thunder Axe finally get a record deal that will soon see them busy launching their debut album, but suddenly a dramatic news arrives: former frontman “Max” has died prematurely (RIP 2009). The band tries to react as it can and, despite the great sadness, begins the search for a new singer.

The Joker ...Grinding the Steel

The team has also been enriched by the dynamic bassist Federico Fili and begins the composition of new songs. In 2013 he released his second album “Grinding the Steel” with the voice of the new singer Renato Forza “Joker”.

After various vicissitudes and misunderstandings the band from the release of the album “Grinding the Steel” comes out in pieces. Renato, Federico and Dario decide to leave the band.
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A new Begin

As a result Steve Zambelli decides to re-establish the band with new elements:
Francesco Bergami – singer and keyboards – choirs
Andrea Lilliu – guitar and backing vocals
Ricardo Capuano – bass

The band sets to work to bring to life the songs that will make up the new album “Roads of Thunder”. Shortly before the release of the album Ivo Sangalli, the band’s historic drummer, is replaced by Ramon Rossin.

Finally in February 2021 the second and last Thunder Axe album entitled Roads of Thunder is released with the Underground Symphony label