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Media Video And Images: Making of Merciless and Creepy video

Video and images:
The video of Merciless and Creepy was created by our guitarist Andrea. He decided to use the outdoor space of the Villa Gromo and fly a drone for filming. So the drone should have filmed circling around the band while they were playing. We decided this song was the most suitable because the shooting could give the impression that the band was under attack.

Video and images making moments

Video of Ramon’s solo,
the new Drummer.

So Andrea contacted his friend Vittorio Tosi (VK project), passionate and Drone pilot.

Vittorio was the first time he was shooting for a music video, especially with his drone. So after several attempts and also videos from two other static positions the filming was over. 

Making the video and images

Andrea took care of the editing after the shooting, learning from scratch to use After FX, so after three weeks the result is what you see.
The video was made trying to keep costs down and we are very proud and happy with the result, we hope you enjoy it.
However, there was also time for some solos!!

A special thanks to Vittorio because that day he made videos and photos, giving a big hand to the band for the realization of the entire project.

...and PRODIGAL SON video

After the first video we decided to publish our second song. Prodigal son was the obvious choice because it is a very energetic and exciting piece, almost a heavy metal anthem.
The pandemic health situation forced us to opt for the choice that most of the groups of the lyric video make. Therefore  we took advantage of the splendid graphics that JAHN VISION ART created for our album.
By using the cover for animations like the lightning bolt we hope to be able to create something pleasant and non-trivial.

Live at Dedolor Music Headquarter 20/05/2023

Queen of Despair + Iron Will

Age of Revenge

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-14 at 21.42.02

LIVE  AT UFO PUB 13/11/2021

…and a Judas Priest Cover Live From Ufo Pub.

Our Prodigal Son  from our  live at the Brembate sopra Metal Fest 2022

Thunder in the rehearsal room


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